Please check this page from time to time to see new additions or changes. Items in bold have been an issue recently so they are emphasized.

Policies and Staff Training

  • No one should be behind the counters except for staff. No friends or family please.

  • If customers can see you, please no cell phone use.

  • Food and drink should be consumed out of sight.

  • Reading a book or working on your own projects should only be done when all other store tasks have been completed.

  • Please do not rush out at the end of the day leaving all the lights and closing things for any one person. Please make sure store is closed down before you leave.

  • If we are getting low on certain items, please make a list of things we need to re-order.

  • When counting down your drawer, please make sure to sign and date your sheet.

  • Please try to say "hello", "good morning", "good afternoon" etc., to people when they come in and try to say "goodbye", "have a good day" or "thanks for coming", etc. when they leave.

  • Time off requests should be filled out 14 days or more prior to the time off you need. Please note, we try hard to accommodate everyone wanting time off, but in some cases, we cannot always guarantee we can give you the time you requested.

  • If someone calls and asks for an owner or manager, please take a message.

  • If the owners are on a buying trip or not in the office, please just take a message but do not tell the caller "They are gone on vacation or a trip".

  • Yes, this is random, but if we ever get robbed, give them whatever they want. Nothing here is worth risking your life.

  • Do not give out cell phone numbers to anyone.

  • When taking lunches, please don't all go to lunch at the same time, especially if you are 1st backup to help the front counter. Please alternate lunches so the front doesn't get left short handed.

If the store is slow...

  • Check under cabinets and take out backstock to replenish items that are getting low or that are sold out.

  • Windex clean glass countertops and case glass.

  • Pull items from the Great Raven backstock and replenish room.

  • Walk around store and check to make sure all case locks are locked.

  • Take a walk around store and ask customers if they need any help.