These boxes solve many issues for those who need to winter over their hives. We use these boxes on every hive we have on our farm and so do thousands of other beekeepers, with great success.

Letting your bees cluster in the hive like normal is very inefficient. The bees mash between each frame trying to cluster as much as they can to keep warm, but the whole hive doesn't have a chance to cluster together to stay warm. These winter boxes help the entire hive cluster in one large ball making them MUCH more efficient at keeping warm. Unlike just adding another medium to allow them to cluster, our winter boxes allow for moisture wicking insulation on either side of them and allows for your sugar board or feeder to encourage them to cluster in the best spot in the hive.

These boxes allow for insulation to be put on the two compartments on the outside and your candy board or feeder in the middle compartment. The screen on the outer two insulation areas is small enough to not let the bees pass through (or your insulation like sawdust or wood chips), but large enough to let air keep flowing. The middle compartment screen is large enough to let the bees easily travel though, without them even scraping their wings.

This center compartment allows your sugar board or feeder to sit on the screen and allows the bees to use the screen to hang on to as they cluster in the middle to stay warm and feed, surrounded by moisture wicking insulation on both sides of them.


Please note the center compartment will have two pieces that are higher than the rest, this is to prevent the bees from getting in the outer two compartments and dying. These feeders are meant to be used with a screen inner cover on your hive all winter, since they reduce the air flow quite a bit in the hive. The photos and video do not reflect this design update!


Give your bees a nice warm and cozy spot to spend their winter this year!  HERE is a video if you want to know more.


**Please note, the box in the pictures is painted yellow. Your box will not come painted, so slap a fresh coat on paint on it in any color you like!

Winter Feeder Boxes - Better Insulation, Better Clusters & Better Feeding.