Feed the bees, even if you're not a beekeeper!

Even if you aren't a beekeeper, you can do your part to help the bees. Many people enjoy feeding the birds all season long, but did you ever think about feeding the bees? Spring time feeding for the bees can help immensely! Spring time is when the bees are coming out of their winter slumber and they become active well before any of their natural food is available, so it is a very critical time for them.

Putting out a chick water can from a farm store; maybe a lid and a pan full of 1 part sugar to one part water, is a great way to help these important creatures. make sure you dissolve the sugar thoroughly and don't use any food coloring. Also, add some marbles or rocks to the bottom so the bees have something to stand on so they don't drown.

Place your feeder away from active areas in your yard and watch the little girls come and go with delight. You could very well be the different between life or death for a hive full of thousands of our wonderful honeybees!

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