Company guidelines.

This section is meant to help employees know some of the guidelines of our companies in order to present the correct information and to make sure you are all aware of what we expect. This is also helpful if you want to look back at this information, check it often to see any new updates or are a new employees and are trying to learn everything you can. These guidelines and Q & A are put together from years of businesses and address issues that we have had or don't want to have over the years. If you have any question's about any of these or need clarification, please see a manager.

Question: Can I use my cell phone at work?

Answer: Please don't. If you must take an emergency phone call, step outside or into the back. It is inappropriate to have someone on the phone at work.

Question: Can I text while I am at work?

Answer: We would like you to keep this to a minimum. Obviously, if there is a task to be done, then you shouldn't be texting instead of working. If you are going to receive texts however, please keep the notification on silent.

Question: How long is my lunch?

Answer: One half hour

Question: Can I download games or programs to the computer?

Answer: Our computer are for work use only, please do not download games. If you need a program downloaded, please check with a manager first as the computers have a limited amount of space on them.

Question: Can people come see me at work?

Answer: Sure, just make sure they don't sit and spend the day.

Question: Can I listen to music at work?

Answer: Out of respect for customers AND others in the office, listening to music or watching videos on your phone should not occur. It can become very distracting to everyone around.

Question: Can I look at websites or Facebook while at work?

Answer: We don't mind you browsing the web, reading a book, working on homework, talking on Facebook, etc., as long as your tasks are done and there is nothing more to do.

Question: Is there a dress code for work?

Answer: Employees should dress well, but it is not necessary to dress up. Please do not wear dirty cloths, clothes with accessive holes or tears in them, no sweatpants or basketball shorts, no tank tops, belly shirts, skirts that are too short, cutoff sleeve shirts, etc. We want to be respectful and profesional, yet comfortable.

Question: It is winter and I get cold at work, can I bring a space heater?

Answer: Because of fire hazard and excessive energy draw, please do not use a space heater. Considering weaing layers or warmer clothing.

Question: When I want or need a day off, how do I do this?

Answer: All you need to do is call another employee and get someone to fill your times. Once you have found someone to work for you, let a manager know that you switched.


  • If the trash is full, please empty it and replace with a new bag. Full trash bags can be placed by back door, behind blue door in back room.

  • Please say hello and goodbye to customers in the store as they enter and leave.

  • Do not leave front counter unattended unless you are the only one in the store and there is no one to come to the front when you leave. If you must leave and you are alone, lock the cash drawer and put up a sign that says "i'll be right back".

  • DO NOT refer anyone to the other antique store down the road. You CAN refer people to the little yellow antique store right next door.

  • We do not buy antiques here at our store.

  • We do not refinish furniture.

  • We do not repair items.

  • We cannot do appraisals, because we do not have a license to do so and we don't know anyone who does anymore.

  • If a customer is asking for a discount on an item, just inform them we don't do discounts and that if there is a discount offered by the dealer, there will be a sign in the dealers booth.

  • Employees should stay visible and should communicate with customers with a strong voice. Don't sit behind objects or just out of sight of people.

  • If you suspect someone is shoplifting, please keep an eye on them. If you seem the shoplift and you are 100% sure you did, you can ask them to leave and not come back to our store again. You CAN NOT detain them or touch them or even ask to look in their purse or empty their pockets.

  • If someone comes in and robs our store while you are at work, do not be a hero, give them hat they want then call 911 immediately. Try and see which way they went, what they were driving, etc. (We have never had this happen, but we do have lots of valuable things in our store, so just be aware)

  • In general, please help keep things clean and organized behind the counters and around our office areas, etc. Please dispose of trash, put empty pop cans where they belong, keep your drink out of sight of customers, etc.