Over the years we have purchased and sold tens of thousands of items, from furniture to clothing to war relics to collectibales and we sometimes get asked if anything we've ever had is haunted. While we are sure there are more itmes than we care to know that might be haunted, there are two we know are for sure!

The civil war dress and the lady who likes to re-arrange...



In 2010 we bought a large amount of clothing from an auction. Normally we don't purchase clothing, but these items were old. In specific, there was a very old black dress with lots of ornate sewing and lots of lace. It even came with a matching hat. The day after this auction, we started to notice some strange happenings in the store. This was during the opening of our second store across the street.  We had only been open for a few days and my dad was the only one with a key still. None of the other employees had keys, nor did anyone, but myself, know the combo to the alarm system, so that meant that both my dad and myself would have to be there in order to open the store. Well, the day after the auction, we opened up the store and noticed several very large and very heavy floor pots sitting in the middle of the room.  We thought it was odd, but didn't pay a lot of attention to it. A few days later, when opening the store, we noticed a set of lights were on in the store already. Come to find out, we had never used this set of lights because we didn't know of an existing switch for them anywhere. We ended up using the breaker to eventually shut these lights off.


The moving items continued for several more weeks, then eventually we sold the dress. The day the dress left, the moving items stopped. To this day, the customer that bought it says her kitchen cabinets have moving glasses and her husband just can't catch a break :)










Just this year, 2014, we purchased a child's coffin from an auction in Indiana. As morbid as it may be, there is generally a strong market for the "unusual" items in the antique world, so sometimes we'll get items in like this. Nothing spectacular about this item; it was a dingy white with some fairly unique handles on it; probably made out of a white pine or something with very little wood details. Well, we put this out in the antique barn, priced at $200.00 and waited for it to sell. A few weeks later someone came up to the store from the barn out back and wanted to know how much the coffin was. They said there was no price on the item, but I was sure I had priced it. I told her $200 and she said she'd think about it. Meanwhile, I took a price tag back out to the barn and price the coffin again. A few days later, another customer came up front, wondering how much the coffin was. I told her it was $200, but that was a little higher than she wanted to pay. After she left, I went out to the barn and sure enough, no tag on it, nor was there anything on the floor nearby that I could find. I proceeded to make another tag out and go back and price it, this time instead of tape I used a staple. As it would be, another week or so passes and someone comes up asking how much the coffin is...   To shorten the story up considerably, this coffin refuses to be priced. There is NEVER a tag on it, nor is there any sign of the tag on the floor anywhere in the barn or between the barn and the main building. This has happened to all employee's who have attempted to price it as well.


Finally the coffin sold, in August of 2014; the customer paid for it on lay-a-way. Not only would a price tag not stay on the item, but neither would the SOLD tag. Several times, using every means that modern technology has allowed to try and get a tag to stay on this item, was a failure. It was the coffin that just refused to have anything stuck to is.


Consequently, the buyer was the same customer that bought the black dress in the previous story. She also says the items she puts on the coffin such as a scarf or papers will end up on the floor the following day.

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