All three stores combined, make up the largest Antique Mall in the County and within an hour of our stores.

Well worth stopping!


The Grants building has played an important role in this areas rich history. It was moved to the present location in 1880 when it was opened as the Peerless Skating Rink. Through the years it has housed a Windmill Factory, a Harness Shop, Grain Buying Offices, Commercial Printers, Local Newspapers, a Barbershop, a Jewelry Store, Country Grocery Store and a Department Store. The origins and specific history on the Grant's building, prior to 1880 is still unknown, although we know it was an old building before it was moved to its current location.


In 1939 an enterprising young man named Grant Johnston, of Kalamazoo, purchased the business. He established a modern day department Store called "Grant's Store". This store flourished for many years until, in 1985, with 20 dealers, a local couple purchased it and turned it into an antique store. After a few years the store was sold to the Vindendahls, then a few years after, to the Pardoe family from the Marshall, MI area and remained a successful antique store.


In November 2008, Grant's Antique Market was sold to the Graham's and to this day still functions as an antique mall with the addition of a small gift shop, rock shop and bee supply. "We have always been an antique family; it was only natural to purchase this store when it came up for sale, not only because we love antiques, but because it would ensure one of our historical building's was preserved and maintained properly. Now we can feed our addiction and not go broke!" The Graham's and their family have lived and owned businesses in the Galesburg/Climax, Michigan area since 1813. With so many antique stores going out of business, they really wanted to see a thriving mall in the area that held normal business hours, offered friendly knowledgeable service and was up to date with the technology of the time.


With over 145 dealers, and growing, Grant's and two other stores directly across the street and behind them, are working on making the Galesburg area an antique attraction. Named best antique store in Michigan by the Kalamazoo Shopper, GRANT'S ANTIQUE MALL prides itself on being a "true" antique experience. The atmosphere, dealers and owners all work hard to create and maintain the feel of an authentic antique store full of actual antiques and items you won’t find anywhere else all while maintaining reasonable prices. "The music, the (good) smell, the creaky floors and more, all add to a wonderful experience." - Frequent Grant's Customer 2009.

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